Tuesday, April 17 - Monthly Meeting

 6:00 PM - Dinner & Networking

 7:00 PM - SQL Stored Procedures - Sharon Hoffman 


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SQL Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are the SQL solution to callable code components. On System i, you can write stored procedures in SQL, but you can also use stored procedures to access code written in other languages, such as RPG. Stored procedures are particularly useful for accessing existing RPG (or COBOL or CL) code components from languages such as Java, PHP, or from .Net applications. This session covers coding techniques for stored procedures and how to invoke a stored procedure from SQL.

About the speaker:

Sharon Hoffman began working with IBM midrange systems in 1981 and has extensive experience including being a senior technical editor for the System iNetwork web site and System iNews magazine. Sharon is particularly interested in how new technologies integrate with existing iSeries applications and in development strategies that can be used to make applications more modular and maintainable. Her background includes extensive application development experience as a programmer, systems analyst, and consultant. Sharon has been involved with IT education for nearly 25 years as an instructor, writer, and editor and is currently teaching several online e-learning classes.

Meeting Location:

IBM Offices

600 Anton Blvd.

Plaza Tower Bldg. - Second Floor

Costa Mesa, CA 92626