August Monthly Meeting

Annual Report on State of the IT Job Market, 

Retirement Income Planning, & High Availability Tips

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - beginning at 6:00 pm


      Bob Langieri           Bill Waters

6:00 pm - Dinner & Networking with Your Peers

7:00 pm - State of the IT Job Market - Bob Langieri

Download Handout: stateofthejobmarket-august2012

7:30 pm - Retirement Income Planning, plus High Availability Tip - Bill Waters

Annual Open House - This meeting is free for both members & non-members as long as you make a reservation now: August 2012 Meeting

Door prizes you can take to the beach!

State of the IT Job Market - Come to the August meeting and learn about what the latest trends are that can help you maintain and enhance your career. Don’t think that this brief presentation is only for those looking for a job. Everyone from Operations through Developers, Analysts and Managers need to know which way the wind is blowing to make sure that you are always thinking of being prepared for a worst case scenario. I will tell you what you need to do to observe trends in the economy and in technology. Some are very obvious, some are “a-ha” moments. Find out how have qualifications changed in the last ten years for IBM i professionals. Learn how you can make yourself more valuable to your current employer. What can employers do to keep their employees when the market does improve? Why you need to pay attention to the economy in California and the US economy. How do politics and legislation encourage or discourage job growth.

Retirement Income Planning -  The life of the MIS/IT technician and manager can be a hectic one. You are required to support the daily needs of the business, stay on top of short and long term projects, stay ahead of the ever changing world of technology (Thanks to Ocean400 and COMMON) and maintain a healthy life with your family. That hardly leaves time to focus on an area of your life that most people don't realize they need help with and that is Retirement Income planning. Your Human Resources department is not equipped to provide personalized retirement income planning advice. Their role is to help get you started in your company's sponsored 401K. Many people only prepare for the day they retire. What about all those stress free years of retirement you deserve? We are here to help.

High Availability TipHigh Availability software (HA) is used on IBM i computer systems to build customized hot backup computer systems to address disaster recovery requirements and to eliminate planned outages. Every software application uses an access key. The access key is tied to the system serial and model numbers. The location of the key storage object is hidden and is usually encrypted so it can only be updated through the application's security program. From an HA perspective, you do not want to replicate the key from the production system to the HA system as they key will not allow work on the HA system.  As an admin, you want to call the vendors and get the name of the license key storage object. Then, exclude it from replication. You might need to get a temporary key when you do switch testing but you production license keys will remain intact when you switch back to the production system.  If you want to make your HA installation really bulletproof, get permanent license keys for the HA system and you will be ready to switch whenever you need to.

Bill Waters’ career has spanned 21 years specializing in system administration, hardware and software installation, disaster recovery planning and successful High Availability implementations.He worked for four major corporations and focused on helping them maintain a competitive advantage by exceeding the IBM i system up-time requirements. He is an IBM Certified System Administrator and Certified Systems Expert. Bill has made a career change and transitioned into the Retirement Income Planning industry. He now is focused on helping families develop a simple plan that they can believe in, identify competitive products that fit their needs, meeting with them regularly as their goals, objectives and needs change on their road to retirement.

Meeting Location: IBM Offices - 600 Anton Blvd.

Plaza Tower Bldg. - Second Floor

Costa Mesa, CA  92626