February Monthly Meeting - HTML5 - Developing Compelling

Web & Mobile Apps for IBM i

 Tuesday,  February 19, 2013 - 5:30 PM



                                                                                         Eamon Musallam

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5:30 PM - Dinner & Networking with Your Peers

6:30 PM - HTML5 - Developing Compelling Web & Mobile Apps for IBM i
Today’s successful applications should be efficient, self-evident, intuitive, accessible, and above all, help users perform their job as optimally as possible. As we explore the possibilities beyond 5250, we are faced with a daunting array of options both in terms of languages and interfaces to support. How do we go about providing support for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Blackberries and all their variations in form factors that are continually being introduced? How do we keep up without spending months or even years learning and developing multiple versions of the same application?

HTML5 is the answer. It is universally supported by all OS and browser vendors, and provides the flexibility, ease of use and functionality to meet the demands of today’s businesses and end users.

This session will provide an overview of HTML5, and how it can be used to extend IBM i applications for compelling web and mobile delivery. This presentation will also cover CSS3 and how in conjunction with HTML5 it is possible to support multiple interfaces and devices with the least amount of effort.

Eamon Musallam has been involved in the IBM i community for  over 18 years. As Product Marketing Manager at looksoftware, Eamon has worked closely with many IBM i customers to assist them with their application modernization requirements & successful implementations. He has been a frequent speaker at COMMON, DevCon, OCEAN and other IBM i community events, and has authored articles in several System i publications on the subject of application modernization. You can contact Eamon at EamonM@looksoftware.com.

Meeting Location: 

National University

3390 Harbor Blvd

Costa Mesa, CA. 92626

Plenty of free parking!