Labs, Intro to PHP, Intermediate PHP & More!

Top Speakers Mike Pavlak & Jeff Olen

You may even spot the Zend ElePHPant!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This meeting, including dinner, is free for members and only $20 for non-members as long as you make a reservation now:  Make a Reservation

Please note below that as seating is limited for labs, a separate lab reservation is required.


1:00 PM - Check-In/Coffee Break

1:30 PM - PHP 101 - Mike Pavlak   Download Handout 


2:45 PM - Coffee Break

3:00 PM - Lab 1 - Mike Pavlak (Bring your laptop or look on with a friend)  FULL - Please sign up for Lab Session 2


New session just added!

3:00 PM - Zend Framework - Jeff Olen  Download Handout (Revised 1/20/11)


4:30 PM - Coffee Break

4:45 PM - Lab 1 repeated - Jeff Olen - (Bring your laptop or look on with a friend)  Lab Session 2 Reservation

4:45 PM - PHP Function Junction - Mike Pavlak  Download Handout


6:15 PM - Dinner Break

7:15 PM - Build your Intranet on your IBM i for Free - Mike Pavlak & Jeff Olen  Download Handout

Homework (maybe) 


PHP101 for IBM i – (Beginner)

Come see what PHP code looks like on IBM i.  This is more than "Getting Started."  Topics include everything from Hello World on through a database listing and i5 Program call. This is a must see session for anyone looking to explore options beyond just RPG or Net.Data.


PHP Workshop Lab 1 (Beginner)

This session will introduce basic script creation and review the flow of data through the Zend PHP stack. Heavy focus on PHP functions with basic script exercises including hello world through i5 data access.


PHP Function Junction (Intermediate) 

Come to see how functions work, are created and used in this session. The presentation is loaded with examples from the PHP library of over 5,000 functions as well as an in depth study of how to create user defined functions. Many comparisons to RPG sub-procedure model are made during this presentation. A discussion of variable scope and the conversion of an inline PHP script to a functional script are discussed.


Build your Intranet on your IBM i for FREE – (Everyone!)

Zend Server for IBM i, MySQL and Drupal offer you an open source solution that can leverage your existing hardware and software investment in IBM i without requiring a capital expenditure. Are you tired of the “web team” at your company getting all the glory? Attend this session to learn how quick and easy it is to install an open source PHP application on your IBM i. You can join the millions of companies leveraging Drupal for open source Content Management and host your company Intranet on IBM i.


Zend Framework for IBM i: Getting Started (Beginner)

Learn what Zend Framework is and what the MVC design pattern is and how to use it to develop quality reusable PHP modules. We will start with describing what Zend Framework is. Then show how you can harness the power of Zend Framework without re-designing all your applications to use the MVC design pattern.  We’ll pick apart a few samples using ZF functionality in simple PHP scripts. Then we’ll take a look at a very real world example of how you can use ZF functions to create a utility to convert your SCS spool files to PDFs and email them.


Meeting will take place at:

IBM Offices

600 Anton Blvd.

Plaza Tower Bldg. - Second Floor

Costa Mesa, CA 92626