November Monthly Meeting

IBM i Data Transfers - Craig Pelkie

Tuesday,  November 13, 2012 - beginning at 5:30 pm


                                                                Craig Pelkie

Download the handout for this presentation: dataxfer.pdf

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 2012 November Meeting

5:30 pm - Dinner & Networking with Your Peers

6:30 pm - IBM i Data Transfers

In June, 2012, IBM introduced the IBM i Access Client Solutions product (beta edition) as a no-charge download on the IBM web site. IBM i Access Client Solutions (IACS) provides a Java-based 5250 emulation program, data transfer, and other features. Because IACS is Java-based, it can be installed on a PC running Windows, Linux, or on a Mac running iOS.

Although IACS is intended to be used on client operating systems, it is possible to run the Data Transfer (download and upload) programs on your IBM i. IBM does not mention this capability in their documentation for IACS, but by making use of Java and other IBM provided software, you can install and run the Data Transfer programs on your IBM i. You don't need to write any Java programs yourself to use this technique, you'll be using Java programs that IBM provides.

This means that the same features that you use with the desktop Data Transfer are now available directly on your IBM i. You can download from IBM i database files to Excel, CSV, and OpenDocument files. You can upload from Excel, CSV, and OpenDocument files to IBM i database files.

You don't need to use complicated RPG and Java techniques to create Excel files, you don't need to use the cumbersome IBM CPYTOIMPF command, and you don't need to create rickety RUNRMTCMD configurations to kick off data transfers on a PC. You can run all of the Data Transfer downloads and uploads directly from your IBM i, using simple CL commands. You can easily create batch applications to perform data transfer operations.

In this session, Craig Pelkie provides an overview of how you can configure the IBM i Access Client Solutions code on your IBM i. Craig describes the additional IBM i software that you'll need (available at no-charge from IBM), and shows how you can use CL commands to run the data transfers. In addition to the handout that you'll be provided with at the meeting, you'll get a link to a step-by-step document that shows you exactly how to configure and work with the IACS Data Transfer programs on your IBM i.

This technique is available for IBM i servers that are using V5R4 or above, and that have a license to the IBM System i Access Licensed Program Product.

Craig Pelkie has worked as a developer/analyst with IBM midrange computers for many years. He has also written and lectured extensively on IBM AS/400 and iSeries technologies, including client/server programming, Client Access, Java, WebSphere, MS.Net applications for the iSeries, and Web development. Craig has extended his RPG skills by being an early adopter of Java, WebSphere, VB.Net and MS-Sequel Server, mastering firewall issues, Web Services, exchanging data from RPG to Sequel Server and from Sequel Server to update RPG and System i files. You can reach Craig Pelkie at

Meeting Location: National University - 3390 Harbor Blvd.

Second Floor - Room 243

Costa Mesa, CA  92626