Thursday, October 20 - Monthly Meeting


     1. RPG Tricks & Techniques for 2012 

     2. An RPGer's Adventures in Webland               


 5:00 pm - An RPGer's Adventures in Webland

 6:15 pm - Dinner & Networking

 7:15 pm - RPG Tricks & Techniques for 2012 


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RPG Tricks and Techniques for 2012
This session covers tricks and techniques for the RPG IV programmer. Come to this session and learn some of the things that you may not have known about
• The H Spec • Compiler Directives • The D Spec • Sorting Arrays • Using dynamic memory allocation
• Using integers • Using indicators • Triggers • Constraints • Record Locking techniques • Other bits and pieces


An RPGer's Adventures in Webland
At System i Developer we like to practice what we preach. The company web site is designed for and is served from a System i. An application is used to manage conference information which, in turn, is used to generate web pages. There are also interactive web pages that communicate directly with RPG programs (e.g. selecting your session grid and repeat sessions).
This session shows you how the Summit web site was built and how the following items played a key part in the development of the web site:
• Design Decisions
• Tools Used - WDSC, Navigator, Zend Studio
• Creating the Database using DDL (SQL)
• Externalizing the Database
• The public and the private web sites
• Maintaining information (using CGIDEV2)
• Generating Static Web Pages
• Using and tuning embedded SQL
• Using AJAX


Meeting Location:

IBM Offices

600 Anton Blvd.

Plaza Tower Bldg. - Second Floor

Costa Mesa, CA 92626