September Monthly Meeting

How to Develop Web & Mobile Apps in 15 Minutes with SQL & HTML5 - Paul Holm 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - beginning at 6:00 pm


                                                                   Paul Holm

Please make a reservation so we can plan seating and dinner: 2012 September Meeting

6:00 pm - Dinner & Networking with Your Peers

7:00 pm - How to Develoop Web and Mobile Applications in 15 Minutes with SQL & HTML5

How to Develop Web and Mobile Applications in 15 Minutes With SQL and HTML5 - Learn how to develop IBM i (AS/400) web applications in as little as 15 minutes using free and open source technologies! This presentation will cover tools, and technologies such as SQL, Application Servers, HTML5, and AJAX to enable development of leading edge IBM iSeries Web Applications that run in a browser and even a smart phone!

The presentation will include the following topics:

  • SQL – Used to retrieve DB2 real time data from the AS/400
  • HTML5 -New technology to improve web applications
  • Application Server: Apache Tomcat
  • WOW 7.0 CE: A free utility to speed SQL development
  • Attendees will leave this session with the knowledge and sample code to develop their own applications that utilize LIVE IBM DB2/400 data!

Paul Holm is a certified IBM i (AS/400), DB2, Java, and Web development instructor for IBM and has been specializing in these technologies in real world development since their introduction. He has more than 10 years of experience working directly for IBM Rochester, home of the AS/400, where he was involved in the actual development of these products including DB2/400, SQL, and Java.

Paul is an internationally recognized speaker having presented these topics at Common, AS/400 Technical Conferences, world-wide IBM marketing events, and AS/400 Dev Con. He has been directly involved in the architecture and development of hundreds of successful AS/400 Java and Web projects.

Paul has authored multiple AS/400 Java redbooks on Java and WebSphere topics. In addition, as an IBM consultant, he was exposed to dozens of projects where he assisted numerous companies in their migration from RPG to Java.

Meeting Location: IBM Offices - 600 Anton Blvd.

Plaza Tower Bldg. - Second Floor

Costa Mesa, CA  92626