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  IBM i Expert Rod Davis of ThinkASG!

  5:30 PM - Dinner

 6:30 PM - Power Linux - Why Should i Care?

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What’s all this hype about Power Linux and Why should an IBM i person care?

IBM is making a huge push for customers to buy Power servers to run Linux applications. While they still profess their love for IBM i and AIX, they are betting heavily on Linux being the future of Power processing. Haven’t they done this before (twice), so why is this time different?

Linux is clearly now considered ready for business use and is the operating system of choice for many. IBM is smart to follow the desires of their customers and provide an enterprise class platform to run the applications they want. And now with support for little endian on POWER8, application porting just got a whole lot easier.

But what does that mean for you? If you don’t know it yet, there are likely Linux apps all around you. You can either try to ignore them or embrace them. This session will discuss why the push for Linux, what it’s best suited for and most importantly how you can integrate it into your existing infrastructure. 

Rod Davis is a Solutions Architect with ThinkASG focused IBM Power Systems and Enterprise Storage design. He is an IBM Power Champion and has worked with Linux on Power since 2005. He has 30+ years of experience in multiple areas including: application development, systems architecture and design, hardware and software implementation and project management.

Meeting Location:  National University - 3390 Harbor Blvd. - Costa Mesa, CA  92626

Meeting Fee (including dinner):  Members: Free     Non-Members: $20




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Never Stop Learning, but read the signs so you learn the right things!

2016 IT Career Trends for IBM i Professionals and everyone else!

     By Bob Langieri

In Honor of Yogi Berra, a baseball Hall of Fame standout, who said "It Ain't Over 'til it's Over!"  Never stop learning.

One of my childhood heroes passed this week. Yogi Berra, (May 12, 1925 - September 22, 2015),  the infamous NY Yankees baseball player was not only a class act, but the ultimate optimist. His words "It Ain't Over 'til it's Over!" has driven me to never quit. In the IT world it has another meaning as well. We must never stop learning. Read my latest 2016 IT Career Trends analysis so you will learn how, where and why you must learn to read the signs and follow the right paths for your career.

While the IBM i and RPG have served us all well for the last 40+ years, we must keep learning the new tools of today's IT world and business needs. RPG will live a long long life, but there is an inevitable shift to "Open" technology and the legacy RPG will be accessed and massaged and presented by "Open" technology. The next generation of RPG Programmers will come from Java, C, C+, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python and other expertise. Those who can bridge RPG to the Open tools will rein the developer world.

How do you get your information today?  Are you any different than your customer or your user?  We get our information from our "Smart" phone, iPad or other tablet, browsing the internet, speaking to Apple's SIRI or other voice recognition technology. We pay our bills electronically, shop on-line, send resumes by email, not fax and not "snail mail."  Few users prefer a green screen over a GUI screen.  For years we have used proprietary software, operating systems, hardware, but the tide has been turning to "Open" systems, non-proprietary tools.  Yes there are some exceptions, but it is hard to ignore the tsunami.  IBM is spending big on Linux and embracing "Open" tools. Don't be the last to find out. 

See the presentation at www.excelsearch.com http://www.excelsearch.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/IT-Career-Trends-2016.pdf

Join the discussion.  Take a look at the LinkedIn Group: IBM i Career Trends and add your questions, answers, opinions for the benefit of all IBM i Professionals. 

IBM i Career Trends:https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=3779728

Bob Langieri is the President of Excel Technical Services Inc. and has specialized in recruitment and contract staffing in the IBM i RPG market for over 35 years. He can be reached at: bob@excelsearch.com or 949+240-0438


   Thank you, Maxava!


OCEAN Conference Spotlight

Alan Seiden Coming to Costa Mesa to Present PHP Sessions on July 17th!  Video


  Mike Pavlak who is presenting "PHP on IBM i: Getting Started" and "Stored Procedures & PHP on IBM i" has answered the five questions:

1. What is an essential skill that any IBM i Developer should have? Desire and ability to learn, adapt and change.  I still see folks out there looking for work with RPG III skills and wondering why the world has passed them by.  Today employers are looking for RPG, Web, project Management, etc.  You need more weapons in your arsenal if you’re going to do combat in today’s IT infrastructure.

2. What online publication(s) do you read?  I’ve become a fan of Flipboard as it tends to show articles that I can drill down to. 

3. What is your favorite tech gadget?  My Galaxy S3 is still a favorite, even though it’s 3 years old!

4. What’s the most common question you’re asked at speaking engagements? How long does it take to learn PHP?  As anyone would tell you the answer varies from weeks to years depending on the level of experience and how far you want to go with PHP.  And since PHP and the web are constantly evolving, there is no practical end to the learning curve.  

5. What’s the one session at the OCEAN Conference that no one should miss? Mine (PHP).  Of course.  But seriously, I think anyone doing RPG needs to understand, implement and manage service programs and subprocedures.  This is an essential skill that compliments so many other areas like PHP, Stored procedures, Ruby, etc.  outside of that, soak up everything you can about DB2!

Thanks, Mike. See you on July 17th!


 Alex Roytman who is giving a presentation on RPG Open Access at the June 16th OCEAN meeting and also speaking at the conference, has answered the five questions:

1. What is an essential skill that any IBM i Developer or Systems Admin or Manager should have?   Coming up with creative solutions to problems and thinking outside of the box.

2. What online publication(s) do you read?   IT Jungle, MC Press, IBM Systems Magazine, LinkedIn User Groups for IBM i.

3. What is your favorite tech gadget?  Fitbit.

4. What’s the most common question you’re asked at speaking engagements?  Why didn't IBM create a product like Profound UI and include parts of it in the OS?

5. What’s the one session at the OCEAN Conference that no one should miss?  Any application modernization sessions.

Thanks, Alex. See you on June16th and July 17th!


 Dawn May who is presenting "Navigating the World of Performance" and "Art of Performance Diagnostics with IBM i Performance Data Investigator" on July 17 and "Workshop: IBM i Systems Management Solutions" on July 18 has answered the five questions:

1. What is an essential skill that any IBM i Developer (or Systems Admin or Manager) should have?
Flexibility and the willingness to change.  No matter what your area of expertise, things move quickly in the world of technology. Everyone needs to be able to adapt to change and be flexible.    

2. What online publication(s) do you read?
For IBM i reference information there are two critical resources - the Knowledge Center and the IBM i developerWorks site, although these really aren't online publicationsFor general information, I tend to read a little bit of everything and I frequent many online sites. Twitter has been a source of many interesting articles.

3. What is your favorite tech gadget?
My iPhone 6+!  I love it! It's big enough to be very usable for reading and email.
I have a small addiction to games (1010 is the worst), and it has liberated me from lugging around my big DSLR.
I do a lot of walking and have an app that tracks my route and distance so I can remember where I went and see how far I walked.

4. What’s the most common question you’re asked at speaking engagements?
"Is that function available on 6.1?"  IBM has PTFed many enhancements back to 7.1 and there's always someone who also wants it on 6.1. 
We have taken much function back to 6.1, but there's less and less of that happening now.
5. What’s the one session at the OCEAN Conference that no one should miss?
I took a look at the agenda and there's no way to pick one session. Although, if you haven't heard Steve Will speak, you will want to go to hear him. He's very passionate about IBM i. I work on administrative topics, so I think the systems management track is the best!

Thanks, Dawn. See you on July 17th!

News - The recording of Aaron Bartell's webinar on Node.js is now available:Node.js Webinar

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