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Next OCEAN Meeting - Tuesday, May 17, 2016 -


A Shallow Dive into Database Modernization















Patrick Behr of Chinese Laundry

5:30 PM -  Dinner 

6:30 PM -  A Shallow Dive into Database Modernization

 Learn how easy it is to convert DDS files to SQL tables (and why you should). 

  • Without recompiling anything!
  • Remove those pesky "extension" files (you know, the ones you created because you needed additional fields but didn't want to add them to the file).
  • Data-centric programming.
  • Getting separation between applications and the database.

 Mask and/or hide sensitive data with RCSC (Row and Column Access Control).  

  • Limit data access on a need-to-know basis, even if users have *ALLOBJ authority!
  • Virtually no application changes.

 Encrypt your data with FIELDPROC. 

  • Data, index, journals on disk or tape are encrypted.
  • No one can get the data without the FieldProc program.

 Run programs using adopted authority. 

  • No more granting super powers to the users.

 Never attended an OCEAN event?  This meeting is FREE, as long as you register by Monday, May 16th at noon!

 Register Now:  May 17 - Shallow Dive

 Meeting Fee (includes dinner):  Members free  -  Non-Members $20.

Meeting Location: National University - 3390 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA  92626

There is plenty of free and convenient parking.   




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